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Alexander and The Alchemists


"The Christians of the Greek central area likewise numbered him among the holy people. Alexander is regarded as the devout knight, the protector of Christendom, at this point another Byzantine hero,...

Alexander's prevalence outperformed that of any of different legends of the old world. His accomplishments, whether genuine or nonexistent, in the entirety of their interminable assortment, enhanced both common and strict landmarks. Innumerable are the artistic creations and works of plastic or smaller than usual workmanship that overflowed the middle age world. Further, a large number of the various enlightened compositions dating from the 11th to the seventeenth hundreds of years portray Alexander's accomplishments; some of them are of Join the illuminati for wealth craftsmanship, while others have a beguiling effortlessness in their execution...

He wandered similarly as the natural heaven close to the Pillars of Hercules, where various shrewd relatives of Herakles {a De Danaan} had taken asylum to get away from the 'revelry and wilderness' of humankind and where they had resided since 'on vegetables and insightful insight.' {This is the site of Tartessus.} Thence he came to the Island of the Blessed, past the Ocean... {Could be Lyoness was still above water or it very well may be Ogygia[ancient ones] as distinguished by Plutarch in the spot we call Iceland. It very well may be what we call the British Isles where his Bruttii cousins and allies would have invited him.}" (1)

Of the multitude of 'Incredible' names in history there are rare sorts of people who are just about as complicated and misconstrued as this red-headed Kelt brought into the world to King Philip II of Macedon. A few students of history say he was quick to declare himself Divine while still alive. There is little distinction between saying one is Divine and what the Pharaohs and Popes do as they guarantee to represent the Heavenly Father or other agent of the Sun ('Son'). There were other comparable mythic legends including Lugh that fantasy creators acquired from. They ventured to such an extreme as to give Alexander credit for the movements of Odysseus from there, the sky is the limit. The legend creator's specialty in the group of the respectable De Danaan is as yet a strong social designing instrument. You will see a ton of the legends including those that became Jesus and you ought to scrutinize all viewpoints pretty much this multitude of individuals. It is conceivable that Alexander went to places like the Americas - and Jesus as well. Jesus (Yeshua) would have done as such with his father by marriage who was the Roman Minister of Mines as well as an individual from the Sanhedrin.

In a daily existence about a similar length as Jesus he made a comparable permanent imprint on history. He attempted to instruct and fabricate a genuinely decent space after he had the settlement with his Keltic siblings who didn't fear him. We discuss him as Greek or Macedonian yet these are only approaches to separating individuals, as though these individuals truly felt sovereign states had a lot of right to run; as they have come to do in our ongoing degenerate society. Alexander was no holy person and it would be better on the off chance that we find out about the things he accepted and cherished instead of the incredible fights where he out-moved or paid off the individuals who should battle for his adversaries.

His mentor Aristotle was the child of Nichomachus the Royal specialist to King Amyntas. That mentor was much more prominent than Alexander and they shared things, for example, are written in the Secretum Secretorum which manages speculative chemistry. Alexander is reputed to have found the grave of Hermes and hence turned into the proprietor of the Tabula Smaragdina or Emerald Tablet. Under his course Ptolemy (another chemist) was placed accountable for Egypt and the structure of an incredible city with a Library that could explain our past and genuinely shut down every one of the dumb things we ponder our ancestors; yet they planned to utilize it to Hellenize the world. Without knowing our actual social legacy we have become whimpering head-bobbers taking special care of the current Empire. That Empire looks to persuade us they are the most ideal sort of government humanity has at any point had yet certain individuals generally appear to be improving for themselves than they ought to. Schooling is an instrument that can be manhandled for the motivations behind misleading publicity and it is hard for the conditioned to see what's going on. For instance, at first the Egyptians wouldn't fret Greek being educated to their residents. I'm totally supportive of one language everybody can comprehend, one bunch of regulations, one police power and one world request; yet I am not so much for Synarchy or government.

I regret the Hellenization or guaranteeing of extraordinary command and Divinity that his self image took to make himself sufficiently large to help other people, yet I respect numerous things about what he did. Might you at any point envision what the 500,000 books in the Library of Alexandria could accommodate us today? The Senchus Mor and Psaltairs aplenty would have been there alongside the Dogon and Timbuktu story of antiquated things. The information Pythagoras gained from the Great Pyramid as far as the Therapeutae 'Singing of the Spheres' would have passed on certain signs to sounds and what we know as String Theory today.

The effects of Alexander's life on current culture are not close to as perfect as they ought to have been. Assuming that the Great Library he caused to be fabricated had made due, the Empires of strict prejudice the world has seen would be far further ahead. We could try and have sufficiently developed to morally meet the innovative and different difficulties we presently face. In any case, his Hellenizing misleading publicity and the extension of Empire was a huge piece of what lead others to do what they did. Napoleon is essential for this hierarchial through-line. Julius Caesar and different Sons of Aeneas were too. Ruler Mountbatten was an understudy of heraldry, family history and sphragistics regardless of anything else. He organized the association of Princess Di and Charles to join old Royal bloodlines. He likewise changed the name of his family to Windsor so individuals of the British Isles wouldn't need to be continually reminded that they were at that point the subject of the German Royal family. Their foe the Kaiser as well as the Russian Czars whose title comes from Caesar are a similar family. These individuals can cheer up in realizing they are connected with Alexander the Great, and there are numerous Romanovs with the name Alexander or Alexandra.

I'm certain there are numerous things about Mystery Schools and the elites who benefit through secret information or settlements and arrangements in the existence of Aristotle. There is positively no question about the significance of speculative chemistry in his life. The inquiry stays how much Alexander comprehended the old Brotherhood of Iesa and the Great Pyramid they left to convey the ideas and science that numerous Mystery Schools including Napoleon's Masons say they know. There are many individuals like Napoleon who displayed themselves after Alexander. All of European history is a record of the extraordinary effect of his life. Might this all at some point have been arranged? In 1938 FDR said - 'Assuming it worked out, it was arranged.'

Napoleon was undeniably more vital to cultural changes and coordinating the current regulations than some other man. He had help (or was coordinated) from many great individuals who you hear very little about. One of those individuals began the Royal Institution which later brought us Michael Faraday and his incredible logical explores into the Fields of Energy that Newton (a chemist) had called the Aether. This man is the chemist/spy Count Rumford. Like Lafitte who attempted to liberate Napoleon from the plans of deadly Royals and later financed Marx; Count Rumford was a man over any one country; similar to all Physiocrats or Merovingians. Napoleon attached him with a great deal of others as we find in this concise statement. Many individuals think chemists sought after making gold from lead. It was individuals who utilized fakirs (The Nobility) that were generally into that. The lies against speculative chemistry are insidious and when chemists back the One World Order they are more right than wrong to do so regardless of anything else evil should be done to accomplish it, I can contend. However, you should peruse my book on Rumford to see the full purposes behind my expressing that comparable to what Napoleon was undoubtedly doing and being coordinated to do.

"In 1802 Rumford got back to Munich: his companion the Elector had kicked the bucket and he needed to be guaranteed of his proceeding with support and annuity from the new Elector Maximilian. Observing that everything was well he visited Paris. Napoleon was exceptionally intrigued with him and placed R in the extraordinary consideration of popular researchers and mathematicians, among who were Laplace, Lagrange, Delambre and Bertholet. This is the point at which he met and experienced passionate feelings for the widow of the extraordinary physicist Lavoisier." (2)

There is something else to this besides what might be immediately obvious. At the point when Napoleon went to Italy he acquired (took or took) crafted by the incredible chemist Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci was a charlatan and Napoleon might have had a partiality with him similarly as with Alexander the Great, who was his long lasting legend. How much Napoleon concentrated on speculative chemistry involves banter yet he clearly would have known a significant number of the things we will address about Alexander's inclusion in the 'Incomparable Work'. Napoleon would have been a piece of catalytic humanistic or different plans for however long he was in power or if nothing else since he joined the Masons and Merovingians. Like Alexander, Napoleon took researchers, history specialists and different researchers alongside him on his Egyptian mission.

A significant number of the pioneers behind the Illuminati of Napoleon's period were extraordinary understudies of Frater Albertus Magnus and his young protégé named Aquinas. Aristotle's most noteworthy impact on the current comes to us through Jesuit impacts and instructive privileges that are the groundwork of Western culture. Aquinas put Aristotelian idea into the Church doctrine. Alumbrados implies Illuminati and the De Medicis and Borgias who made the Jesuits through starts to Heliopolitanism like Loyola are essential for a this family arranging. Aristotle needed to leave Greece soon after Alexander passed on and he was dead a brief time frame after that. How much Aristotle sold out to the powers that impacted Plato or made Socrates drink hemlock isn't completely known. Are these powers still in charge of individuals right up to the present day?

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